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Concrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh

Concrete Reinforcing Welded Mesh, BRC Wire Mesh, Reinforcing Wire Mesh, reinforcement of concrete

With more than 15 years experience in the production of reinforcing mesh, ZHENYU is a leading supplier of customized reinforcing products to most industry sectors. Reinforcing mesh has a wide variety of uses, ranging from the ordinary household to heavy industry.
Features of reinforcing mesh
● The unique deformed wire pattern offers superior bonding, improved stress distribution and crack-width control.
● BRC Mesh is available in a wide range of diameters and apertures. The product can be bent to shape as required.
● Manufactured from hard drawn wire (smooth) and cold rolled wire (deformed).
● All intersections are resistant-welded thereby not reducing the tensile strength of the wires.
● Mesh has an average shear strength equal to 80% of the wire strength.
● The wire used has physical properties which are rigidly controlled to produce mesh with maximum weld strength combined with ductility.
●Specifications allow for cold rolled wire with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 510Mpa and a high resistance to fatigue. 
Quality Control
Reinforcing mesh is produced to ISO 9001:2000. Thorough testing, of wire strength, welds and aperture sizes, is continuously performed at all stages of the manufacturing process. Final inspections ensure that highest standards are maintained.
Standard Sizes
Reinforcing mesh is available in rolls (60m x 2,4m) - up to Ref. 245, and sheets (6m x 2,4m) manufactured according to standard sizes. Wire diameter varies from 3,55mm to 12mm. Mesh aperture can be as small as 100mm x 100mm.
The preferred fabrics are categorized as follows:
Type A  square fabric            200 x 200 spacing
Type B  rectangular fabric      100mm main wire spacing
                                         200mm cross wire spacing
Type C  rectangular fabric      100mm main wire spacing
                                         400mm cross wire spacing
Type D  square fabric            100 x 100 spacing
Also available on request: hot dipped (galvanized) mesh.
Special Mesh
Specialized machinery is used to produce weldmesh with non-standard aperture sizes. The spacing of wires in either direction is variable between 13mm and 150mm.
Customized mesh is available on request according to specifications provided. Customers and design engineers should contact BRC Mesh before embarking on the design of such mesh.
Standard sizes of welded mesh fabric
Specifications: Sheets: 6m x 2,4m or Rolls: 60m x 2,4m
The sizes given above are standard and are the most generally used. We can, however, manufacture mesh to other specifications, both in size of wires and spacing.
Hard drawn wire to British standards 4482 has a minimum breaking strength of 510MPa and a minimum yield point of 485MPa.

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